Smart city / municipality

Henning has contributed to safe bicycle parking for an entire district

A network of smart bicycle lockers is popping up all over Trondheim. The last contribution is ten safe bicycle parking spaces at Leangen, financed by Henning Grue and Strinda Eiendom AS.

A green initiative for cyclists

Henning helped start Strinda Eiendom AS at the age of 20. Today - almost twenty years later, the company consists of 8 commercial properties and around 400 rental cabins. The administration is small - it mainly consists of Henning himself. Now ten smart bicycle lockers outside Ranheimsveien 7A have been opened up for cyclists, and are the latest addition to a large network of bicycle parking lots in Trondheim. For Henning, this is a concrete positive contribution to the environment and the surrounding area.

The bicycle parking is located right next to the cycle path north from Trondheim.
-           The trial project is a positive future-oriented measure, to see if safe bicycle parking can facilitate people cycling to and from work, says Henning Grue.

Henning is a forward-leaning property operator and recognizes that smart bicycle lockers can become an attractive service for both tenants and visitors to Ranheimsvegen 7a. It is also arranged for charging the electric bicycle in four of the ten bicycle lockers.

A contribution to a network of safe bicycle parking

A quick look in the Bikely app shows the result of a unique and socially beneficial collaboration between public and private actors. For cyclists, this means that soon the whole city will be covered with safe bicycle parking. For the providers, it is positive that more locations add new users to the app, as this has a self-reinforcing effect on all locations. In the app, the cyclist gets a good overview of all nearby locations.

Ranheimsveien 7a is a commercial property with various tenants who can now offer safe bicycle parking to visitors. It is also close to a number of other commercial buildings.

Strinda Eiendom AS is in the driver's seat as a responsible business operator. The consequences are very favorable for the environment if a car is replaced by a bicycle and for the company it can mean an improved reputation and increased competitiveness. It is important for us as a property company to be up to date on new solutions that tenants want. The aim is to make it more attractive for tenants to rent from us, explains Henning.

Ranheimsvegen 7A is located right next to the cycle route to the north - about 15 minutes by bike from the centre. Henning has also invested in a gate directly towards the cycle path so that it is easier to cycle to the property. good at arranging cycle paths and cycle routes and this is our contribution to making cycling to work more widespread. It is positive to make the property attractive to visitors and tenants, concludes Henning.


Smart city / municipality

The success in Tonsberg Municipality

Tonsberg invests further in bike lockers - and they are well used!

Smart city / municipality

It is hard to find a safer bicycle parking

For a single crown, cyclists in Sandefjord get access to safe parking for a full 12 hours. It is Sykkelbyen Sandefjord that is behind the new offer with ten smart bicycle lockers deployed at the square in Sandefjord. And the cabinets - they will be opened by the mayor on 27 August.

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