There is no such thing as a fully trained winter cyclist

The next winter cyclist in our portrait series is Kristoffer Slåttsveen, who grew up in Lillehammer and has been cycling through the winter since he was 14 years old. Nevertheless, he believes there is still much to learn as a winter cyclist. In recent years he has lived in Trondheim.

Started with winter cycling at secondary school

When his kicking became poor, Kristoffer Slåttsveen started cycling the three kilometers from Skårsetlia to the secondary school in Lillehammer downtown. Twenty years later, he believes there is still a lot to learn from the bicycle seat - and especially in winter. Here are his three best tips for becoming a good winter cyclist:

1.        It may take some time both for you, and other road users to stop. So it is important to be alert and visible in traffic.

2.        If you feel the bike is not standing well enough, it may pay to lower the tire pressure a little, then the tire will be a little softer and grip better on uneven ground.

3.        Make sure you sit in good balance on the bike. If one wheel were to slip a little, it is easier to get in with the balance in order. This can be practiced all year round, try your hand on a grassy hill or on a path in the forest. "You never forget how to ride" they say, but it's also never too late to learn new things on the bike.

How Kristoffer winter bikes

Kristoffer winter bikes for the daily distance of 2 kilometers to and from work. When the bicycle is first chosen as a means of getting around from the morning - then it is also used for other errands after work. Cycling provides some free exercise, is flexible and easy to get to and from.

Good lighting, studded tires and appropriate clothing are part of the bike tour.
-         I especially like to feel some fresh air on my face before I go into the office in the morning, he explains.

In winter, there are many winter cyclists who can experience that it is slippery, that there is poor visibility or that the cycle paths are not plowed. Kristoffer advises that it is important to spend plenty of time on the cycle trips if the conditions are a bit challenging.

- Calculate extra time for the cycle trip in winter - it's good not to get stressed, he concludes.


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