With Bikely's system, work places, cities and public transport companies can provide smart and safe bicycle parking for all citizens.

We believe cycling can save the world.

Bikely is a Norwegian technology company developing and delivering innovative solutions for smart and secure bicycle parking.

We were established in 2017 by entrepreneur Hallvar Bergh who had a vision to move the world in a green direction. With bike lockers available through the Bikely app we are improving the life of the every day cyclist. Our customers are primarily cities, work places and mobility companies who wants to influence more citizens and employees to cycle. Today we are active in most part Norwegian cities, including the three largest cities.

We develop software, hardware and mechanical solutions. Full control over the entire value chain enables a flexible approach to user-centered development and world-leading technology for smart cycling infrastructure.


We thrive to achieve fair trade and fair work conditions throughout our business.

Through innovation we deliver the smartest bicycle parking solution on the market.

We work together with cities and public partners to optimize our solutions to their needs.

We produce our bike lockers locally with recyclable materials.

We develop solutions to increase the bicycle share, and thus reduce less environmentally friendly vehicles.

We collaborate with partners to enhance environmental friendly vehicles.


Public transport

Why bicycle lockers are essential for the public transport hub of the future

Today, bike lockers from Bikely are deployed at both subway stations and other public transport hubs around Oslo and Viken county. E-cyclists and bicycle commuters are keen users, and testify that smart bicycle lockers are a natural part of the public transport hub of the future.

Shopping & retail

Shopping centers in Oslo and Viken are investing in being environmentally friendly with Bikely

We will make it easier for cyclists, and then Bikely must be deployed where they travel, says general manager Hallvar Bergh. Bikely has the shopping center giants City Con, Amfi and Obos on the team.