Bike locker

Our bike lockers are durable and adaptable, constructed with strong sheet metal, and can be installed in different locations and settings.


Our most popular solution is designed for flexibility. With 4 lockers per Pod they can be placed into available space close to destination or combined into larger transport hubs. The size makes them easy to relocate, even inside car parking houses.

4 lockers per module
Space efficient - 1 bicycle per m2
Optional access from one side


Designed for the new generation transportation.
The popularity of cargo bikes is rising, so the infrastructure need to adapt. Do you got a fleet of cargo bikes or want a city with increased share of cyclists? Our lockers are available for both 2-wheel and 3-wheel bikes, we got the Cargo covered.

1 cargo bike per locker
Adjustable legs
Scalable - connect several together

Standard features

Robust steel

Made for the nordic conditions - Designed to withstand harsh weather and temperatures commonly found in Norway.

C4 painting

A high durability powder coating for extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals, UV rays and other environmental factors.

No visible insight

A locker without visible insight makes it harder for bike thieves to determine what is inside.

Adjustable legs

Adjustable legs allow the locker to be leveled on uneven surfaces ensuring stability.

Add-on features

Green roof

A living green roof brings advantages to both the pod and the environment, as well as being visually pleasing.

Custom design

Custom paint jobs and foils allow for personalization of the design of a pod. Add a unique touch and express your own individual style.

Wooden claddling

Adding wooden cladding gives the pod a stylish and clean appearance that integrates well with the overall design.


Provide the ability for e- bike riders to charge their bikes while they are parked.

Unique benefits

Battery driven

Smart and wireless - The system is module-based and wireless, which makes it hassle free for cities to offer smart and secure bicycle parking.

No infrastructure needed

With no need for on site infrastructure makes it easy to deploy - or re-deploy.
Lifted in place - ready to use!

Online monitoring

Get the insights you need to make better decisions. Every lock is connected to the cloud which makes the system easy to monitor and gives data driven insights.

Future proof and scalable

With firmware over the air ready to match any ambition.

Product development

Can't find a suitable solution to fit your needs? 
We eager to co-develop products for a more sustainable future. With internal development capabilities, we have a short way from the drawing board to next generation bicycle parking.

Get in touch below to see how we can partnership for the goals! 

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