Bike locker

With Bikely's system, work places, cities and public transport companies can provide smart and safe bicycle parking for all citizens.

Robust steel construction
Optional green roof
Custom C4 powder coated
Lifted in place - ready to use
Adjustable legs
Modulated system
Anti theft features
1 bike / m2
Product name

Pod 4

Our most popular solution is designed for flexibility. With 4 lockers per Pod they can be placed into available space close to destination or combined into larger transport hubs. The size makes them easy to move around even inside car parking houses.

4 lockers per module
Space efficient - 1 bicycle per m2
Built for most cyclists
Product name

the cargo

Designed for the biggest bicycles.
A larger bicycle needs a larger bike locker. Join the rising popularity of cargo bikes, and make sure to be future proof. Make the safest bicycle parking available for the cyclists with cargo bikes.

1 locker per module
Made for tight spaces
Scalable - connect several together
Product name

Product development

Can't find a suitable solution for your city?
We are eager to co-develop products for a more sustainable future. With internal development capabilities, we have a short way from the drawing board to next generation bicycle parking

New mechanical solutions
Software and hardware

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