Bikely's system utilizes cellular IoT access controllers and cloud infrastructure for endless integration possibilities. Our API allows for seamless integration into any existing system or app.
And best of all - it's off grid.

The first truly scalable smart bike locker system.

Battery driven

Smart and wireless - The system is module-based and wireless, which makes it hassle free for cities to offer smart and secure bicycle parking.

Off-grid infrastructure

We believe the future should be flexible, for our clients. With no need for on site infrastructure, it has never been easier to facilitate for the cyclist.

Online monitoring

We empower our clients with data driven insights. With every door connected to the cloud, our clients makes better decisions, and an end to irreversible investments.

Future proof

With firmware over the air, our system can compromise with the future. With our own development team, we also stay ahead of the technology curve.


Enables both public and private locations

Get access to both public and private locations in the app.

Our customers are free to decide their own pricing model.


Predictability is the key to success, and for the cyclist to know that he has secure parking upon arriaval. 1 hour pre-booking is standard in our system.

Intuitive onboarding

Sign up online quickly and seamlessly.

Download the Bikely app and get started in minutes.


We respect your privacy, choice and control.

In-app support

Our support team is available online and ready to help in the app within a few minutes.


Get the insight you need for better decisions

Statistics from your locations

The Bikely dashboard displays key performance metrics such as revenue generated and usage patterns, allowing for data-driven decisions to be made.

Send invitations for private locations

If you want to provide the smart lockers as a private solution, it's easy to send an invite to each cyclist or to all your tenants at once.

Understand your users

Flexible pricing depending on type of location and usage pattern you want to incentivize. City centre or transport hub? 


Enable your users to travel by bike and park safely

Allows full integration

Maximize reach and ROI by integrating Bikely's API with any API-based system or app, whether fully integrated or shared.

Maximise reach

Do you already have an existing app?

Bikely integrates with any system or app to maximize impact.


Bikely aims to provide and integrate turnkey solutions into partner service offerings

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know more?

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Public transport

Why bicycle lockers are essential for the public transport hub of the future

Today, bike lockers from Bikely are deployed at both subway stations and other public transport hubs around Oslo and Viken county. E-cyclists and bicycle commuters are keen users, and testify that smart bicycle lockers are a natural part of the public transport hub of the future.

Shopping & retail

Shopping centers in Oslo and Viken are investing in being environmentally friendly with Bikely

We will make it easier for cyclists, and then Bikely must be deployed where they travel, says general manager Hallvar Bergh. Bikely has the shopping center giants City Con, Amfi and Obos on the team.