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Bikely offers secure and sustainable bicycle parking with easy access from your phone.
We truly believe that cycling can save the world.

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Reserve and park your bike safe and dry in our BikeBoxes with access from your phone.

Here’s how it works

Download and register in the Bikely app.
Follow the steps:

Choose your location, book and gain access to your bikelocker in the app.
Unlock via the app. Confirm by pressing the bike icon on the door and wait for a steady light.
Park your bike backwards and close the door!
When ending rental close the door and press end rental in the app.
Flexible, scalable,
built for nordic conditions,
state of the art technology

Our story

After 14 years in the oil industry, Bikely founder Hallvar Bergh invested everything in green technology and smart bicycle parking.

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Sykkelvokteren Hallvar Bergh

I 14 år var Hallvar Bergh prosjektleder i oljebransjen. I 2015 var det slutt. Da nedgangstidene kom, var han en av over 45 000 nordmenn som mistet jobben. For Hallvar ble løsningen å gøtse på med det han liker best – sykkel.

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Happy customers

See what our customers say about using our BikeBoxes.

It was so much easier to go shopping with a bicycle after the lockers became available down town

Eliza, Trondheim

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It was so much easier to go shopping with a bicycle after the lockers became available down town

Eliza, Trondheim

"This is awesome! I can actually park my bicycle wihout being afraid of thieves"

Anders, Trondheim

"A great service in down town Trondheim. Bike lockers can motivate more people to cycle".

Bjørg, Trondheim

“Secure bicycle parking is one worry less”

Leif, Asker

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