Every kilometer on the bike counts!

By increasing the proportion of bicycles and reducing passive means of getting around, the climate, society and cyclists get big benefits. Cycling is environmentally friendly, economical and good for health! In fact, every kilometer on the bike counts, and perhaps even more so for those who have a home office.

Every kilometer saves society

The Institute of Transport Economics reports that sickness absence can be reduced by 15 per cent for those who cycle to work, compared to those who do not. The Norwegian Directorate of Health has calculated that the health and welfare benefit for each kilometer cycled is NOK 26. This includes the benefit society gets from exercise and better public health. In contrast, driving a car corresponds to a negative health and welfare benefit of NOK 6.90 per kilometre. Therefore, it is in society's interest that as many people as possible use active means of transport such as bicycles instead of passive means of transport such as cars.

For the cyclist, commuting by bicycle means lower transport costs. Many people also use cycling as exercise, and therefore avoid paying training fees to gyms etc. Research in several Norwegian cities shows that cyclists and pedestrians actually leave more money than motorists. It's good for business — and good news for cramped city centers with limited space.

Cycling also requires less space for infrastructure such as bicycle parking spaces compared to car parking spaces. For example, you get ten safe and smart bicycle parking spaces with a Bikebox in a car parking space.

Cycling is health promoting

Cycling particularly involves all the larger muscle groups in the lower part of the body. Especially the front of the thighs and the gluteal muscles get to work. Therefore, it is also good cardio. Big muscles that work require good pay. A Danish study shows that just one hour on the bike a week has an effect. Cycling is also a gentle form of exercise for muscles, joints and skeleton.

Many who cycle to work need safe and smart storage when they arrive. Photo: Joakim Birkeland

Many people use cycling both for training, exercise and active training. You avoid the impact on your ankles and knees while at the same time training both strength and fitness. If you vary by cycling on hilly terrain, you can train larger parts of the body, in addition to balance and coordination.

Cycling "to and from" home office

The corona situation means a home office for many. This involves new everyday routines and it is important to introduce habits that discourage sitting still and a lower level of activity. A bike ride at the start and end of the working day is good for both body and mind. The bike rides don't have to be long. At least one kilometer for each trip reduces the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. A Swedish study shows that cycling prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Cycling also increases the ability to concentrate, so the cycle ride "to work" can make for more efficient working days. The winter cold doesn't have to be a showstopper either, although snow, slush, salt and slippery cycle paths make demands on the cyclist. As long as the bike is equipped with reflectors, lights and studded tires — and the cyclist has the right clothing, a bike ride in winter can be refreshing with all the same good properties for health.

Every single kilometers on the bike count, and perhaps they have an even greater effect for those with a home office!



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