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The new mobility trend starts at Filipstadkaia

When smart bike lockers from Bikely are set up at the Mobility Point Filipstadkaia, cyclists are connected with the sharing service Move About. The collaboration can provide a number of positive environmental benefits, such as more people cycling more often and fewer people buying their own car, and has great commercial potential - in that the range to the mobility point increases and that the service becomes easier as it is now more facilitated for cyclists.

Mobility point - part of the future solution for city dwellers

Ruter, Move About and Bikely join forces to develop a future mobility offer where users park their bikes safely in a Bike light cabinet when they use a sharing solution from Move About. This means that fewer people need to buy a car because the mobility point with, among other things, car sharing becomes available to a larger proportion of the inhabitants.

- The aim is to make Move About more accessible to users through safe and smart bicycle parking. Bikely offers dedicated bike lockers that are accessible via the app 24/7. Many people want to save time by cycling to and from the Mobility Point, says Morten Torp who is Country Manager in Norway for Move About.
At the Mobility Point, several new solutions are being tested. Move About has been active for several years, while Bikely is a new player,

He believes that the bicycle parking primarily increases the availability of the car-sharing service at Filipstadkaia. Move About also shares bicycles and scooters.

The bike lockers from Bikely are the market's safest bike parking. The bicycle is safely locked in the cupboard, while the user uses the car parts service. By attracting cyclists, the mobility point can have a greater range and thus more users.

- Safe bicycle parking can therefore mean that more cyclists use the car-sharing service. Travel time is halved by bicycle compared to walking, and thus the service embraces more residents, explains general manager Hallvar Bergh of Bikely

Bikely and Move About have already signed a cooperation agreement for more safe bicycle parking at mobility points in both Norway and Sweden.

- This is the key to the Swedish market - and a future solution for cities to achieve the goal of zero growth in car traffic until 2030, says marketing manager Ellen Loxley at Bikely.

Great environmental benefits from more people cycling and fewer people buying their own car

- An overall effect of the collaboration is that more people are motivated to cycle more often, and that fewer buy your own car or a second car, says marketing manager Nicoline Stavedal in Move About.

There are many advantages to a car sharing scheme. Users don't have to look for street parking, you get access to a varied car park, all service and maintenance is included in the service, all the cars are electric cars - and when the car is stationary 60-70% of the time, it goes without saying that it is socially economical profitable.

- By connecting Bikely and Move About, we aim for more people to cycle to and from a mobility point where they can access car sharing. The bicycle lockers provide safe and dry parking all year round, and can therefore motivate more people to cycle in winter. This collaboration is good for the environment, society and public health, concludes marketing manager Ellen Loxley at Bikely.


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