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The safest bike parking in Bergen municipality

Bergen municipality has introduced Bikely bike lockers to provide secure bike parking for its residents. These lockers, which provide individual access only to the bike owner, have been well received by the cyclists in Bergen. This article gives an overview of the bike lockers and their popularity among the residents.

From Bike Hotel to Bike Lockers

Biking is a popular mode of transportation in Bergen, Norway, and the municipality has taken measures to ensure that its residents can park their bikes safely. Bikely bike lockers have been introduced in the city to provide a secure solution to the problem of bike theft. These lockers are easily noticeable in the city center as well as in areas outside the city center, and they have been widely appreciated by the residents of Bergen.

In the past, Bergen municipality had bike hotels for bike parking, but several theft experiences led them to find a more secure solution. The bike lockers were introduced as a response to this need and have been well received by the residents. Unlike bike hotels, where anyone can access the bikes, the bike lockers provide individual access only to the owner of the bike. Each locker can only be unlocked by it´s owner through the Bikely app, ensuring the safety of the bike.

- No one has so far managed to steal bikes from such a locker, says Einar Johan Grieg, the head of bicycle infrastructure in Bergen municipality.

– Everyone with expensive electric bikes highly values this type of secure bike parking, but in reality, many people also use it with ordinary bikes, says the head of the bike department in Bergen municipality. Here at Sletten shopping mall. Photo: TOM R. HJERTHOLM - Bergensavisen

Well received by Cyclists

The bike lockers have been widely used by cyclists in Bergen, and the municipality is continuously monitoring the usage and demand for these lockers. Currently, Bergen municipality has 102 bike lockers located in 10 different locations, and they are receiving positive feedback from the users.

- We are looking at new places for bike lockers and receiving feedback from cyclists on a regular basis, says Einar Grieg in Bergen Municipality.

In conclusion, the bike lockers introduced by Bergen municipality have been a success in providing safe and secure bike parking for its residents. The lockers have been well received by the cyclists and have proven to be a reliable solution to the problem of bike theft. With continuous monitoring and improvement, the bike lockers are expected to remain a popular choice for bike parking in Bergen.


Smart city / municipality

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Smart city / municipality

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