This is how to stop bicycle theft in Bergen

Cyclists in Bergen benefit from a joint investment in the market's safest bicycle parking. A total of four locations with forty bicycle lockers opened on Friday under the auspices of GC Rieber and Bergen municipality. Cyclists in central Bergen now have access to bicycle lockers at a number of destinations.

Safer storage of bicycles

From twenty bicycle lockers in two locations to sixty bicycle lockers and six locations in less than ten months. GC Rieber Eiendom and Bergen Municipality provide cyclists in Bergen with the country's highest coverage of smart and safe bicycle lockers. From the Bikely app, cyclists get access to a dedicated bike locker by, among other things, The University Library, Solheimsviken and Marineholmen. In addition, there are bicycle lockers at Sletten Senter, Bystasjonen and in Marken. The two latter locations have contributed to approximately 1,500 parking spaces since launch in June 2020.

Cyclists have long requested more locations with bicycle lockers. The timing of safe bicycle parking could not have matched better with a safe reopening of society:

- With smart bicycle lockers, bicycle theft is a thing of the past. Safer bicycle parking is something our tenants and visitors have been calling for. We believe theft-proof bicycle lockers will give us the pleasure of increased bicycle traffic in our areas, says CEO Tor Instanes of GC Rieber Eiendom.

Network of safe bicycle parking

With the investment, a network of safe bicycle parking spaces will be established where the goal is to increase the proportion of bicycles and reduce the number of bicycle thefts.

- With six locations that are closely connected to trade, service and university campuses, there are many cyclists who can park safely on every cycle trip, says cycling manager Einar Grieg in Bergen Municipality.

The cycling manager expects that the many locations will contribute to far more users of the bike lockers:

- A good tip is to reserve in advance in the app before you leave home, says Grieg - who has been a strong contributor to getting the bike lockers from Bikely to Bergen.

A collaboration that everyone benefits from

- It is very happy that GC Rieber Eiendom and Bergen Municipality are joining forces to add provide for more cyclists in the cityscape. This is a stellar example that everyone benefits from; the cyclist, the company, the municipality and not least the environment, says Bikely Marketing Manager Ellen Loxley.
Together with a number of actors, a cycling festival was successfully held in Bergen 27. 5 at Marineholmen.

Bikely is a start-up from Trondheim that has developed world-leading technology in smart and safe bicycle parking. The service was launched in May 2020 for Norwegian municipalities. Today, the company has bicycle lockers in 14 Norwegian municipalities. GC Rieber Eiendom is Bikely's first corporate customer in Bergen, and the opening of the new bike lockers underpins the company's vision to get more cyclists moving.

- Safe bicycle parking can contribute to that more people choose bicycles as a means of transport. Our research shows that 8 out of 10 choose not to cycle on journeys without secure cycle parking, says marketing manager Ellen Loxley.


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