Shopping & retail

Attract more cyclists to your mall or store chain by providing secure bicycle parking with Bikely.


Shopping & retail

Attract more cyclists to your mall or store chain by providing secure bicycle parking with Bikely.

Recent studies have shown that compared to motorists, cyclists shop more frequently and on average spend more money per month at stores.

As the popularity of e-bikes continues to rise in urban areas, the need for secure parking solutions becomes increasingly important in order to attract this customer segment. With Bikely, cycling in the city has never been more accessible and convenient.

Major shopping mall operators and parking providers have partnered with Bikely to provide secure and smart bike lockers for cyclists in Oslo and other Norwegian cities.Since its launch in 2019, Bikely has been widely adopted and implemented in 25 municipalities across Norway, and many shopping malls are now offering bike lockers to their customers. This move towards more sustainable and bike-friendly urban environments is driven by both private and public sector actors, working together to make cycling a more viable and attractive option for urban transportation.

The Bikely app, which makes it easy to access and pay for the lockers, has been downloaded by over 18,000 cyclists, providing them with a convenient and secure way to park their e-bikes. With Bikely, urban areas can become more bike-friendly and promote a sustainable transportation system, making it more attractive for people to choose bicycle as a mode of transportation.

Attract more costumers

The number of cyclists is continuously growing and so is the average price of the bicycle

Promote your ESG

Your environment and social impact has never been more important. Show your stakeholders that you do your part.

Get on the Bikely app

With a continuously growing user base, Bikely reaches out to more cyclists than any other bike app.

Easy to expand

We use a module-based system which is easy to expand based on usage and ambitions.


Shopping centers in Oslo and Viken are investing in being environmentally friendly with Bikely

We will make it easier for cyclists, and then Bikely must be deployed where they travel, says general manager Hallvar Bergh. Bikely has the shopping center giants City Con, Amfi and Obos on the team.

New bicycle parking for Moss Sentrum

Moss municipality welcomes cyclists back with the market's safest bicycle parking. Ten smart bike lockers will open during August and the big innovation is that each cyclist will be assigned a dedicated locker via an app.

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